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Which Facial Treatment Is Right For Me?

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July 19, 2017
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Which Facial Treatment Is Right For Me?


Which Facial Treatment Is Right For Me?


You: Women’s Laser Center of St. Louis has so many options! How do I choose just one?

Me: You don’t have to! Combination treatments are the answer!

I love customizing combination treatment plans, especially when clients have more than one issue they want to address. Our amazing laser and non-laser services can be combined to treat the face, but why stop there? We have options to treat you from “head to toe”!

First, I start with a comprehensive medical history and skin analysis.  This helps to determine the condition of your skin’s barrier and what treatments are safe for you to have. Second, we address your concerns, such as melasma, wrinkles, or stretch marks. This will help us map out a treatment plan of services to help you achieve the best results.

For example, you may want to address wrinkles and age spots. One protocol may include 2 different types of laser treatments, or just a topical treatment for the age spots and microneedling with PRP for the wrinkles, or maybe a combination of all of these.  Depending on the condition of your skin’s barrier, we may start out with less invasive treatments such as a series of facials or peels prior to starting a more invasive protocol.

We have laser and non-laser technology capable of treating: fine lines and wrinkles, skin laxity, stretch marks, acne scarring, surgical scarring, melasma, hyperpigmentation (age spots), skin texture, rosacea, spider leg veins and tattoo removal.

I recommend you reserve a complimentary consultation to discuss your skin issues and concerns so that I may help you achieve more youthful, healthy looking skin.

Susie Lynch LE, CMA

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